Sew Menswear #Blazerof2016 Challenge!

So this blog post is a little different than my normal and rather than showing you what I have made recently, it will hopefully inspire you to take on a sewing challenge!  You must have noticed my opening image?

Let me explain. A few weeks back I asked my Twitter followers what I should make for my next sewing project and one reply from Janene  @ooobop caught my attention and got us ‘talking’ via the ether of social media. Janene suggested I make a man’s blazer with bound lapels (the ulterior-motive being for her to pick up my ‘hot tips’). Now as you all probably know I love making jackets and coats so this would be a good excuse to make another jacket!

Now this is where things took a bit of a turn….Although I love making menswear I am in the minority. I just don’t see many others making clothes for men and it’s a shame. So championing the cause for more people to make menswear I suggested Janene made a jacket too, well a bit of a ‘sew-off’ really.

So #Blazerof2016 was born!

Starting today and finishing in June we want you take the challenge and sew a piece of menswear, in particular a man’s blazer! I know we see many such sewing challenges throughout the year but they are always for women clothes. With this challenge we are trying to raise awareness of sewing for men and also trying to get people to think about the limited range of menswear patterns available: Did you know that menswear patterns account for less than 6% of all the commercial patterns available!

I know many of you will be a little wary of such a challenge, being a little different and edging into the realms of ‘tailoring’ but really, making a jacket isn’t that hard: Although I have been sewing for years, I only made my first jacket about a year ago! (I’ve made a few more since though!).

We want you to take the challenge use the hashtag #Blazerof2016, tag us in your tweets @ooobop and @maledevonsewing to share your progress, problems, cries for help but above all share the finished garment.

Janene has created this fabulous badge and we want you to use it too. Add it to your blog, share it with others in your sewing network and lets get the word spread for #Blazerof2016.

The ‘rules’ are simple:

That’s it really; we want you to be as creative as you can. We want to see jackets with flair, bold colours or patterns but above all we want you to try something different. Have a go and you might get the menswear-sewing bug. Here's a few ideas...

Leave a comment below or with Janene if you are 'in' and use the badge to promote the challenge. Don’t forget to head over to Janenes blog at and see what she is saying about the challenge. Remember this challenge is for fun. Take your time and enjoy the process!

OK time for me to go and pick some fabric!

Until next time….Happy sewing

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