Retro shirt and Hacking update

A while go i got a mixed bundle of sewing patterns (from a well known auction website) and yesterday I had a proper look through. Of the 25 patterns, most of the were ladies but 3 were for men. 2 Shirt patterns and a pyjama pattern. One pattern caught my eye and that was a very 1980s shirt Retro I call it! I don't have the original packet but here is the picture on the instructions

So pattern by 'Style' and pattern #3080...Anyone have a clue who and when? Anyway I had a lovely piece of linen fabric that
I thought would work. Sadly I had nowhere near enough according to the pattern but with some careful cutting I managed: I had less than a 12" square of fabric left! 

Well here it is and before anyone moans.....No I couldn't match the fabric pattern! I didn't have enough fabric!

To be honest it turned out better than I expected. I quite like it and it looks more modern than the pattern picture shows: I'm thinking 'Surfer' style? It has a pocket on the left, stitched as part of the front yoke and a flat collar. I think the pattern wants you to use a stretch material (just guessing as I don't have the envelope!) but this works well. It is comfortably snug, even though it appears pretty 'square' when you cut it out. Although the fabric isn't pattern matched I quite like the 'abstract' appearance.

While we are talking about pattern matching....Here is Lu's hacking jacket, nearly finished.

I need to line and finish sleeves then add the buttons. I am happy and it fits well. I took ages making sure the pattern matched (unlike the shirt!) and it really does pay off.

Before I finish I would just like to mention a fantastic new website called The FoldLine where all of us mad sewing types can get together! I have joined and I hope you will too!?

Finally, a while back I mentioned I would be blogging for the Minerva Bloggers Network; well you will see my first post soon! I made a lovely ******* (Ha ha you'll have to wait!)

Right until next time............

Happy sewing!

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