Tweedarees update and other news!

So my last post I told you about my wonderful fashion idea! Yes the Tweedaree. Well to be honest I've not done a lot about it as I have been busy with other things. I did draft some ideas of what I want them to look like. Imagine a waistcoat/trouser all-in-one.

I did buy some material for my first iteration - OK it's not tweed but a lovely woven cotton,linen,silk blend. It has a gorgeous soft feel and looks like it will tailor well. I also picked up some nice contrasting poplin for the pockets.

This week I hope to make a start on a pair so will keep you posted.

In other news - I have nearly finished a Wedding jacket for a friend who is getting hitched soon, time to line and add buttons. I also met a lovely lady and discussed her wedding..... A very exciting project to come.....

Until next time. Happy sewing.

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