A slight wedding pause....

I must apologise...I should be posting the continuation to my linen jacket tutorial I started. I had to put that on hold for a while as I have been making more shirts...Yes thats right, more shirts!

OK, I confess the shirts aren't for me but a friend who is getting married next week. He wanted a special shirt for himself and his two sons (aged 7 and 8). So a visit to the fabric shop yielded some lovely Liberty fabric named "Wild at Heart" It is a lovely lightweight cotton nearly sheer but looks beautiful and certainly something special for a wedding shirt.

I also got some silver/grey satin and suitable buttons. The satin was for the inner collar stand, under-collar and inside the cuffs.  So a few days and 3 shirts made! 

I hope he likes them and let me know what you think. Right I promise my next post will be about my Linen Jacket!

Until next time......Happy Sewing!

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