Moving house, buying buttons and a tweed jacket!

It has been a long time since my last post but a lot has happened! I guess the biggest thing has been moving house. This has meant the sewing stopped whilst all was boxed up but after a week of moving we are pretty much settled. I now have a better sewing space and I have already completed my first make in the new house....yep you guessed it....a pair of curtains.

The new sewing space
Although before we moved I started work on a coat/jacket for my sister-in-law who came down to visit. She wanted a tweed sports/hunting style fitted jacket, so off we went in search of fabric. We chose some nice green tweed with pink pattern and pink leatherette for the side panels! Yes I know it might sound weird but so far it's looking good.

Using Buda 6875 for idea

Sis-in-law has the figure to carry the curved panel look and think she will look great walking around London in something a little different. 

I also managed to buy a large collection of patterns from eBay (15 in all) from the last 50 years. Need to have a good sort through but certainly some interesting looking styles. I picked up a large bag of vintage buttons (500+) with some gorgeous designs/styles. I also got a beautiful antique Tailors square which I have put to use on the new curtains.

Right that's it for now. Still a few boxes to unpack then hit the sewing machine to finish up the jacket.

I promise I won't leave it so long......Happy sewing!

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