Floral shirt complete! On to something vintage.....

Although the last few weeks have been busy after the birth of my son I have managed to grab a little time in the sewing room to finish another shirt using the Burda pattern 7045 and a nice floral print poplin I mentioned in my last post.

I didn't alter the pattern in any way except for the sleeve plackets. I have found a pretty fool-proof way of making them and always find patterns over-complicate the process. I was hoping to show you my method during the construction of the shirt but due to the pattern it was really difficult to photograph. I will post a tutorial another time using some plain material.

Arrowed buttons and a 'just' visible breast pocket

The collar is buttoned down but uses loops behind the collar points rather than button through; quite a nice touch.

My trademark odd colour button on left sleeve.

So that completes my shirt collection for a while.....probably!

Next project? Well I purchased a Vogue pattern dating to the late 50's from eBay for a couple of pounds. The classic sports regulation jacket with several pocket styles and either 2 or 3 button front.

I love the detailed instructions, reminds me of a comic book. Looks like the pattern calls for a lot more hand stitched details as well as bound buttonholes and bias bound seams.

The pattern pieces are not printed but cut and punched, as patterns used to be. I have been researching what all the holes; circles, squares and triangles mean. This will be a challenge, I know as I have only ever worked from printed or self-created patterns.

I shall be using some fine black corduroy fabric with a floral lining.

I think I will post regularly during the construction as it might help others using such patterns. 

Happy sewing and watch this space as I go all vintage!

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