A New Coat...Big mistake but coming along.....

Well the new coat is coming along nicely...well it was until I made a really stupid error! I decided to forego the simple, and put proper jetted pockets. I even took loads of photos to show you how I do it. All was going well until I cut though the fronts for the pocket hole.
Somehow the material puckered up and I took a chunk out of one end rather than a nice 'V'. This left a gaping hole at one end of the pocket flap that I couldn't conceal easily.


So I was left with a dilemma. Make new pocket flaps and pouches but bigger to cover my mistake or cut a new front piece and start that side again.  Luckily I had enough fabric to cut another front so thats what I did. I shall certainly be more careful next time!

Finished pocket (and yes it does line up with the dart! Thats my OCD kicking in!)

Still the coat is now looking good. I faced the under collar with satin to look nice when collar is up, put the hidden button in the vent and have now finished all the main seams (top-stitched of course :-) )

Front view

Collar up

Satin under-collar

So next? I have decided on a over-yolk for the shoulders and epaulettes (then I can forget shoulder pads!) so will do them tomorrow. 

Till next time...

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